At COCO MARIE we are an exclusive hand tied salon….Why?? Because we offer ONLY the best for all of our guests and this means keeping the integrity of your natural hair in absolute tip top shape!! Our salon owner has been in the extension world for over a decade now and has installed every extension line out there and literally nothing compares. That is why we feel so strongly about our hand tied extensions. They are seamless and practically invisible in your hair. You can pull it up, put your hair in braids and wear it in a top knot without visibility of extensions in your hair. We offer only the best quality in any length with many options of fullness and volume. If you have always wanted longer, thicker and fuller hair this is for you!

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation at 303-650-2626

Guests wanting hair extensions out of state or non local, we also offer FaceTime consultations.

~ Your hair is your best accessory ~