1 0n 1 & Salon Team Certification With Courtney

We currently offer one on one training and salon team training.  Please enter your information below for inquires and if your salon would like to host a class. Details for team certification are not listed below. Courtney is available to travel and train your team ~ we fly nationwide. 


One on one with Courtney:

Price:  $1600

Location:  8741 Sheridan Blvd. Westminster, CO 80003

Length of class: 6 hours

The student chooses which method they would like to  be trained on. "The original COCO MARIE method" or the "COCO MARIE Concealed Bead Method". A live model will be used for training and students will receive a COCO MARIE hair extension kit.

Students must sign a contract to lock in class and pay in full upon signing. Courtney has worked very hard to deliver the best methods and using the most luxurious hair and we truly thank you in advance for choosing our brand!!



- COCO MARIE hair extension brush

- COCO MARIE color swatch ring

- COCO MARIE backpack

- Bead Pliers and opener and bead looper

- COCO MARIE beads (5 pack in different colors)

- Sectioning comb, scrunchie, and glue

- COCO MARIE hair grippers 

- COCO MARIE hair extension certificate

-Refresher video with Courtney showing a move-up and a few key points to creating and sewing your row

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8741 Sheridan Blvd.

Westminster, CO 80003